What is SpaceShow?

SpaceShow is an advanced web application utilizing AJAX and Web 2.0 programming techniques.

Essentially, AJAX allows the web browser to dynamically update data from the server without refreshing the entire page. What you will notice when trying this demo, is there are no page reloads. You should find the operation intuitive, quick and efficient.

SpaceShow works on most devices, including mobile phones, as long as the device has a browser which supports javascript. This includes any devices which can run Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Android.

This simple demo only demonstrates the feel of AJAX, the Web 2.0 style, and the basic functionality of SpaceShow. The current style is very simple, but the style can be readily modified to match any web site. SpaceShow supports slideshows which can be linked to audio content for each image and the ability to support multiple users.

You can try SpaceShow by just clicking "LOGIN" below.
Guests can only upload 5 images.
All images are public to any other guest logged on.
Please do not post obscene material

Some Tips:

If you are Viewing Current Images and any other operation box is open, clicking images will load that image into the box.
If no operation box is open, clicking an image will display that image full size.
Indicates there is text associated with an image - This icon indicates an image has been modified to include text.

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